Saturday, September 28, 2019

Day 43 - Springville, UT

Lot-docking this evening at the Walmart in Springfield, UT. We ended up driving 420 miles today to outrun the storm that was bringing an early winter to the northern Rockies. Originally, we were thinking of stopping in Ogden, UT, but we were just getting out of a major rain storm. Complete with hail and lightning. I just wanted to get away from the bad weather and the possibility of snow. The elevation in northern Utah was around 5500’ and the forecast for there was snow tomorrow.

I did try two more items that worked! The two fans in the upper corners of the windshield do a good job as defrosters. And the heated mirrors helped to dissipate the fogging with the near freezing temperatures. Also, the engine didn’t smoke as much as it had in the past when first started in the morning. In fact, I even stayed in our spot until the front air bags brought us to ride height. Usually I’m rushing to get away from the other campers due to the smoke. We’ll see how it is tomorrow without using the engine heater.