Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Day 40 - Redmond, OR

Yesterday afternoon, I rewired the right turn signal on the trailer connector the same as I had done the left signal back in Corvallis. While I was working on it, two deer wandered through our campsite as if they didn’t have a care in the world.

On Wednesday morning, we woke up early and took the coach to Freightliner Northwest in Redmond. About fifteen miles north of Bend. It hit a low of 35°F last night and the engine was really hard to start. As I had mentioned before, the engine block heater wasn’t working. My appointment with Freightliner was for an engine oil change but I asked them to look over the chassis and give me recommendations. About half an hour later, they called and said that there were two factory recalls both dealing with the steering.

One of the recall parts is being shipped and should be here midday tomorrow. So rather than drive back to Sunriver and return tomorrow, we are dry camping in their parking lot. They added 18 qts of oil and a new filter. The oil is just below the full line on the dipstick. They also lubed the chassis, checked for air leaks, and fixed the block heater. The cord was frayed in the middle. This may have burned out the relay as the front switched outlet didn’t seem to provide power. Since they only work on the chassis, they didn’t debug the relay. But did verify that the block heater now works.

Total was $700+. Just tried the TV. 43 digital channels over-the-air and still nothing worse worth watching.


  1. Worse watching? Pun intended? :)

    $700 is pricey but having the checks done, points lubed and heater verified as good should be a peace of mind boost. As to the recalls, steering is kind of important so....

    1. Pun not intended but it seems to fit. Yes, repair was pricy but now I can pre-heat the engine. Plus not be too concerned about the low air pressure like I was. And, steering is kind of important...