Friday, September 20, 2019

Day 34, 35 - Sunriver, OR - TT

Thursday - Another rainy day in Oregon. Not as much as yesterday but enough to put off any outside projects. There was a “end of season” potluck that I stumbled onto put on by the staff. Pretty small turnout. We went to visit friends who live about a mile from the campground.

Friday - This morning, it was 38°F according to the weather app. We still hadn’t picked up an indoor/outdoor thermometer so I’m just guessing. By noon, it was in the mid-50s so off to the pool and hot tub. Pretty nice with the entertaining clouds and a couple of other people enjoying their outdoor time. One was a volunteer here at the campground and had a lot of good info on the Thousand Trails system.

Looked into a few more things on the coach. I found the outlet for the engine heater in the same bay as the 50amp shore power cord. The good news is that the outlet works and can be turned on/off from a switch on the dash. The bad news is that no current is flowing so I’ll need to crawl under and find the other end of the cord. It’s supposed to go to a freeze plug heater.

The other concern was blue smoke when cold started. According to the Internet, the most common reason was from overfilling with oil. According to the most recent paperwork, they put in 7 gallons of oil. The Cat C7 was available with two oil pans. 5.5 gallons and 7 gallons. Checking the dip stick it’s over an inch above the full mark. So need to stop at an oil/lube shop. Many of the truck stops such as Pilot or TA have them.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll be helping Dave install a stereo in his truck...


  1. Did you get a chance to drain some of the oil out of the overfilled engine? Did that do the trick re the smoke?

    1. I have an appointment at Freightliner tomorrow morning for an oil change.