Saturday, September 7, 2019

Day 22 - Laramie, WY

I left the Cabella's parking lot a bit before 9. Very relaxing place assuming that you aren't bothered by trains. I'm not bothered. It was a very pleasant 64°F but warmed up to about 87° by early afternoon. I-80 is in horrible shape at the eastern end of NE with expansion joints every 15' or so. After about 50 miles of this, the passenger sunshade let go. I cut the wire and will repair it when I get to OR. I did pick up some 5-min epoxy when I stopped at a Walmart to pick up some groceries. When I stopped in Laramie, the refrigerator indicated a propane fault. I suspect that this is from the really strong wind blowing into the vents on the side repeatedly blowing out the flame. It's working just fine now on propane and has been since leaving GA. I did not have the generator running today as the high winds were blowing the generator exhaust towards the cabin air intake.

When I arrived in Laramie, WY, I filled up at the Love's truckstop and when I was leaving, there was a KOA campground sign across the street. That sounded good to me as I was pretty tired from fighting the wind. Wind gusts to over 40 mph according to the highway signs. And it was from the west so it was a quartering to full headwind for much of the day. Add to that the elevation change from Nebraska to Wyoming (2200' to 8640') and it was a hard day for a vehicle shaped like a brick. The gas mileage for today was only 7.3 mpg. A drop of about 1.5 mpg from before. On the long grades, I would have to consciously slow down to keep the engine water temperature below 215°F. I think the cooling system may need to be looked at.

Trying out the heat pump tonight. It’s supposed to be in the mid-40s tonight. 367 miles today. Only 1126 miles to go on this leg of the trip. 

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