Thursday, September 5, 2019

Day 20 - Columbia, MO

After the warm, muggy night at the Cracker Barrel, I looked for an RV park (with a pool) for today. Plus, I needed to refill the water tank. The inside electronic gauge for the propane tank was red so I stopped at a Flying J to get it filled. Only 12 gallons went in the 40 gallon tank. I guess I now know what “red” means for the propane tank. The tank itself has a gauge but it read less than half full.

St. Louis was the large city that I traversed today. I did see the Gateway Arch out the window but traffic was too heavy to take a picture. 390 miles today. I spent the evening enjoying the A/C, the pool, filling the water tank, emptying the black and grey tanks, using the automatic leveling system, watched some TV to see if they work (they do), and now I’m running a small load of laundry. Started laundry at 8:14pm.

Tomorrow I should be somewhere in Nebraska.