Thursday, September 12, 2019

Day 27 - Corvallis, OR

From the picture, you may be able to tell that it was a photo-light day. Ran a lot of errands to Home Depot, Petco, and Fred Meyer. Plus a stop at Starbucks. I picked up a drop hitch ball mount for the coach plus one for the Prius. I figured that if we ever needed to just move the tow dolly around, having a 2" ball on the Prius may be handy. There was initially some confusion on my part as the coach has a Reese Class V hitch. According to the Internet, the Reese class V hitch has a 2½" receiver. But when I measured it, it still uses a 2" receiver. The Prius has a 1¼" receiver and according to Toyota, it has a towing capacity of zero. I installed the hitch mount back when the car was new so there would someplace to attach a tow rope in case it got stuck in the snow. I also needed to borrow large wrenches from my brother-in-law since, for some reason, I didn't bring any large wrenches with me. Large as in for a 1½" nut.

Other errands were to find kitty litter and some random hardware to fix the passenger electric shade. I still need to replace the batteries in several TPMS sensors but haven't found my battery supply. But then again, I haven't looked very hard either. Tomorrow morning, I need to move to a different site here at the campground as they are completely booked up due to an OSU home football game.


  1. Ah yes, there's always something to do when it comes to an RV....good idea re adding a tow hitch to the Prius, just to move the dolly heavy is it anyways?

    Today I discovered that if you forget to open the valves used to keep water from sloshing out of the fresh water tank during travel, you reach a point where the pump can't do its job. I guess there was a vacuum built up? Anyways, I first thought I'd run out of water and added 5 gallons, still no go. Then the light bulb went off, I opened the valves, and after a bit of pumping, there was water.

    I checked the water level and it was 3/4 full after a week of dry camping, so adding the 5 gallons wasn't the solution.

    1. The tow dolly is under 400#. I used the Prius to move the tow dolly from my mom’s house to the RV park. Empty, it bounces around a bit. I still need to check the light connector on the RV.

    2. I didn’t have the vacuum fresh water issue with the 5th wheel since it has a gravity filler. Always open to the atmosphere.