Sunday, September 1, 2019

Day 15, 16 - Atlanta, GA

Another hot and humid day. This picture is from Saturday after the openings for the rear windows were cut. After Saturday and Sunday, all of the windows are in and sealed. Brackets for two large aluminum tool boxes have been welded to the rear bumper and soon there will be a rear bumper. Countertops have been made and day/night shades fitted. I have been working on modifying two couches to fit the available space. The second picture shows them being test fitted. The whole habitat, which is what the living area is called, needed to be lifted up to get the fresh and grey tanks installed.

The couch project took me most of the day. Mostly removing hundreds of staples and figuring out how to reassemble the pieces and the fabric into a shorter couch that fits the available space. Including fitting then around the tracks for the bed platform. The platform is in the raised position but not quite high enough to stand under. This is quite the vehicle. 


  1. Cool stuff....sounds like sweaty work though in the humidity.

    Question. What type shades are being used? Doesn't appear to be the standard ones in RVs, which are a PITA sometimes to use and the strings break...I'm going to replace them someday on mine.

    So, the platform in the second pic will have a mattress on it and just be raised out of the way during daytime? Very interesting.

    What's the MPG figure for this beast?

    1. If you are doing things inside, the A/C keeps it at a pleasant 74°F and lower humidity. The shades are window specific and have a room darkening roller shade on top and the mosquito netting on the bottom. The ends could be latched together so as you deploy one, the other is stored. They can’t be permanently latched as you need to be able to get to the window latches.

      I like the roller shades that the newer RVs have. Less troublesome than the pleated shades with all their strings.

      MPG? Haven’t a clue. Maybe 9 mpg depends on speed. Not even a hint of aerodynamics.