Sunday, September 22, 2019

Day 36, 37 - Sunriver, OR - TT

The weather on Saturday was close to ideal. Lots of clear skies and sun. I did go over and give Dave a hand with the stereo installation in his truck. Since it was an early 2000’s Dodge, pulling the dashboard was almost second nature. The drivers side rear speaker wasn’t working and, based on my own experience, we pulled apart the wiring in the door hinge area and found four broken or almost completely broken wires. Pulled that whole section of the wiring loom apart and spliced in new sections of wire.

Sunday morning - The rain had returned. I tried running the heat pump all night and it did keep the RV warm enough but by late morning, the heat output was diminishing. I switched to the propane furnace for a while and then switched back to the heat pump after about 30 minutes. It was working much better. The heat pump runs on electricity, it’s cheaper for us to use it than the propane furnace.

In the afternoon, I went back to Dave and Ginny’s home to debug the stereo installation. After pairing his phone, he could make calls by no one could hear him. There was a separate wired microphone that run through the driver side A-pillar. After pulling the radio back out and checking the wiring in the back of the radio (no problem), David took apart the A-pillar on the slim chance that the wire got damaged during the installation. Sure enough, the wire was pinched. I cut the damaged section of wire and soldered it back together. It worked great. Well, the microphone worked fine but “Okay Google” didn’t work very well.

Later, we met for dinner at Cracker Barrel in Bend. It must be new location since it isn’t listed in the AllStays app. 

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