Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Day 25 - McMinnville, OR - HH

The hardest part of today’s drive was going through Portland. The GPS said the “best” route between Baker City and the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum was through downtown Portland followed by stop & go along 99W. The museum allows overnight RV parking with the hope that you will visit the museum. Since I arrived around 3pm, there is only a couple of hours before closing so I probably won't be visiting the museum this time. We stopped here last April and not many RVs then. Today, there are around a dozen or so.

It has been raining for most of the drive but it's looking like it may be clearing up. I had heard that it was really hot here but that isn't the case right now. It's a very pleasant 69°F. With a window open plus the screen door, there is a nice breeze blowing through. 350 mile today and only about 50 miles to Corvallis tomorrow. My reservation at the fairground campground begins tomorrow. There were some crazy drivers today. The worst were the ones (multiple) staring at their phone while merging onto the interstate. I'm happy to report that the air horns on the RV work and seem to do a good job getting their attention. It seemed to get worse the closer I got to Portland.

Since I am parked on pavement, I took the opportunity to measure the height. Since I only have a 10’ tape measure with me, I had to measure in steps. 11’5” to the top of the awning bracket which is above the top of the edge of the roof. The A/C units are 13” high. So I guess the brochure listing of 12’9” is probably close enough. There is a railroad overpass that I need to under tomorrow that is 13’4” so I should easily clear it. This coach is around 5” lower than the 5th wheel. BTW, nice view from the windshield…


  1. Trivia alarm: After doing the conversion I can confirm that your rig would fit under German federal and state highway bridges. Not that you'd ever get here with this thing ;-)

    1. Around here, the magic number seems to be 13’6”. But Corvallis has that low railroad trestle near the fairgrounds that is 13’4” (or 13’3” depending on direction of travel).