Thursday, September 26, 2019

Day 41 - Redmond, Sunriver, OR - TT

Originally, we were planning on heading east towards Idaho today but got held up with the Freightliner recall item. Since it is a steering part that needed to be replaced, it seemed to be a good idea. The part was overnighted and arrived here at Freightliner Northwest by noon. Right now (~1pm), I’m waiting for a tech to get assigned as most of them were at lunch when the part arrived.

Yesterday, they mentioned that the outlet for the block heater didn’t seem to be working. But this morning, I started the generator to recharge the house batteries and while the generator was running, I tried the block heater switch. It added 7 amps to the load. So, the outlet is working as is the block heater. That is a relief as this engine doesn’t seem to start easily when cold. It’ll get tested tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, it still smokes when cold.

We did end up extending our reservation at the Sunriver Thousand Trails by one day and are planning to head east tomorrow. Just trying to beat the bad weather heading this way...


  1. Perhaps the smoke is just residue from the overfilling from before? Hopefully it'll clear up with usage.

    1. We’ll see. The guy in the next campsite has a 2005 Beaver with a Cat C9 (400 hp) and said that their is a “cold-start” mode, which is water temperature under 100°F, and they smoke when cold.