Thursday, February 28, 2008

WIN Event

There was a WIN Wellness Break here in the Butrovich Building this morning. I'm not sure who sponsored the event but thank you whomever you are. They did cholesteral and glucose screening as well as giving mini-presentations on foods, time management and other topics of interest. It was interesting. It ended with a short (3/4 mi) walk outside.

After not running on the treadmill for several days, it seems tough to try and get going again. This evening, there are no other activities so I don't really have any excuses. I'm finding that the Nike+ challenges are getting less and less motivating. Fortunately, the new StartWalking program is due to start shortly and those seem to motivate me.

Thursday evening - Well,
I tried running this evening and only managed a couple of miles before getting really tired. I do recognize that I'm still recuperating from the flu last week as I'm still coughing and feeling congested. Does this sound like an excuse?

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