Sunday, February 24, 2008

In Barrow

Sunny but not very warm here in Barrow. It is a bit after six and it is still light outside. I guess I kind of expected it to be darker than Fairbanks but it seems to be about the same. On the flight in last night, it was very clear and you were able to see lights from the town a long way out. Last night, the temperature dropped to -32°F so there was no way I was going to try running outside. The treadmill at the college is still broken so no running on this trip. In fact walking will probably be minimal as well due to the temperature. (Okay, I'm a wimp)

Late Sunday evening - Like I figured, I didn't get in any sort of exercise this evening. I went to dinner at the local Japanese restaurant. Had ikura and don buri both were exceptional. The sushi at this place is as good as I've had anywhere and far better than most places in the state. Had a great discussion with the chief scientist. The temperature has now dropped to -31°F and the outside door to my hut is frozen solid as the knob wouldn't even turn let alone trying to get the key in. Fortunately, I had left the outside door slightly ajar so I could push my way in. Inside is nice and warm though the gas heater was off due to a power failure sometime today.

Monday morning - It is -42°F but feels like -55°F according to this morning. It felt pretty chilly walking from the hut to the main building. Once the new building opens up, it's really going to feel cold since it would be a much longer walk.