Sunday, February 17, 2008


Walked down to church this morning and discovered that I forgot something at home so I ran (not literally) back home and drove to church. That was a step backward. I guess I shouldn't be so obsessed as I did get in almost the same number of steps. I just felt frustrated. I'm starting to feel a cold coming on so that probably means less miles this week. I did find an interesting challege today and joined up. The site totals up the miles of all who join the challenge with the goal of walking to the moon. So far, the mileage is something like 94k km or about a fifth of the way there. Otherwise, not much going on. As usual, I'm making a blog entry while sitting in Macdonalds waiting for my son to finish his shift. He started working to earn money for a trip to China. He's sticking with it even though working here was not his first choice for a job. Actually, they are one of the few employers willing to hire at 15 and most want you to be at least 16.

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