Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feeling Better

The flu seems to have passed and I did get some walking in if only to ward off the naseau. Still feel "achy" and tired but plan on trying to go in tomorrow. I've been trying hard to maintain the same exercise level as last summer but this winter has proven to be much more challenging than last year. I haven't gone skiing at all, walking on the treadmill is more sporadic, and don't walk as much between upper and lower campus but at least I haven't gained any weight. Haven't lost any either! I stopped insisting on hotels with fitness rooms while traveling for the university but usually made some attempt to get some exercise. I was hoping to have made sufficient changes to end up as "lifestyle changes." We'll see what sticks.

Friday afternoon - Feeling almost "normal" with many of the flu symptoms gone. Still feel really tired now and still feeling the nausea associated with the medicine (Byetta). It sure would be nice not to have that side effect but otherwise it really works well. Maybe I'll be able to walk/jog on the treadmill this evening.

I'm trying out a new blog template since the last one didn't display very well on mobile devices. This one is much simpler format so let's see if it works better. Most of my posts on this blog are made from my cell phone and the little "micro-blog" section are actually just text messages (SMS) to the site. Most of the pictures are usually posted by emailing photos from my phone to the site where they automatically create a new post. Just playing with the technology...

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