Friday, February 15, 2008

Running? Me? You've got to be kidding!

I signed up for the Beat Beethoven 5k run today. I registered right after running over 10k on the treadmill so I have a lot of confidence that I can actually finish. Not very fast but at least I'll finish. Right now, my best time for 5k is about 30 minutes according to the logs on the Nike+ site. I have until April 12th to get ready so more running on the treadmill. Is the snow really gone by then? I don't remember.

Hmmm, 5k in 30 minutes is about a 10 minute mile. I was curious when I actually ran a 10 minute mile since I have been jogging about 12 minute miles so I started looking through the logs on the Nike+ site. It turns out that they were run on a hotel treadmill back in October. This was when I was just trying out running so I hadn't gotten used to a certain pace. I was relying on the treadmill speedometer to go the speed I have normally been running but I guess it was a bit off. I was wondering why I was so tired after running only 30 minutes. Everything was set to metric there so I'll use that as my excuse. Now this race is something else to look forward to. Running a race and riding my motorcycle. One of these days I should try running outside to see what it's like.

When I was on Tempe, I stopped at a motorcycle shop to look at helmets. As it turns out, maybe I should have picked one up there as they are significantly more expensive in Fairbanks. One model that I looked at down there was about $150 and the same exact model at the shop here is $250. I am all in favor of shopping locally but this is ridiculous. They didn't have the color I was looking for (silver) in my size at the shop in Arizona which is why I passed at the time. They even offerred to order it and ship it to Fairbanks for free. What is wrong with local businesses. This wasn't even a large shop just a small storefront near the university.

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