Saturday, February 23, 2008

In the airport

Another afternoon spent sitting in an airport. The Fairbanks airport isn't set up well for walking laps as Sea-Tac. I ended up shopping for a motorcycle jacket on my iPhone. I have been looking in the local shops here in town as well as in Tempe a couple of weeks ago. Tempe shops had a lot of protective gear designed for warm weather such as mesh jackets and pants but the local shops had mostly leather jackets. I ended up ordering a Kilimanjaro 4.0 fabric jacket instead of the more traditional leather jacket after reading a lot of reviews. I thought that with all the additional venting options, it would be warm enough in the Spring and Fall yet cool in the Summer and even function as a rain jacket. I received some really nice leather gloves for Christmas from my wife and had previously ordered a helmet (HJC Sy-max II) though it still hasn't arrived. The helmet is a newer model of the one I tried on at a shop in Tempe so it should fit fine. Almost all the gear. In case you can't tell, I am really anxious for Spring to show up. Between the bike and the 5k I've signed up for, I have plenty to look forward to this Spring.

If the Beat Beethovan run goes okay, I plan on doing the Midnight Sun Run this year. I had planned on walking it last year but somehow didn't get around to registering. This year, I'll be looking for it. I feel good enough to try running on the treadmill in Barrow since I am too chicken to run outside. There have been a number of polar bear sightings on the NARL campus this winter so I'm told.

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