Thursday, February 7, 2008

Grand Canyon (I think)

On a flight from Seattle to Phoenix, we passed over this feature which I think is the Grand Canyon. There was no announcement by the pilot over the PA system or anything like that but the location seemed about right. There was snow into just a few miles north of here and if you look carefully, you may be able to see some snow on the north facing slopes. I remember stopping at the Grand Canyon years ago and being very unimpressed because the slight haze gave the view a very flat almost two dimensional appearance as I didn't get any feeling of depth. It seemed as I was looking at a painting, granted, a very large painting.

I walked to the meeting hotel this morning and the round trip was 3.6 miles. I didn't get in any additional walking. I originally thought about trying to run while I'm down here but fighting the traffic would be a real pain. I will probably walk again tomorrow just for the exercise or maybe drive to the meeting and walk starting from that hotel. It is in a much nicer part of town. Someone mentioned that they were able to just walk into the stadium and run around the track but without a shower handy, that may not be the best option. Several folks at the meeting mentioned that one of the summer meetings should be held in Alaska. After hearing of the -54°F temperature, there was absolutely no interest in a winter meeting in Fairbanks.

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