Saturday, February 9, 2008

Tourist Traps

Did quite a bit this afternoon after the meeting. Climbed the hill behind the meeting hotel, walked around Tempe, drove to the town of Goldfield, a tourist trap ghost town north east of Apache Junction, and visited Rawhide, a western themed town associated with a casino south of Tempe on the road to Tucson. Even though I call these places tourist traps, I still enjoy visiting them and trying out some of the local fare. I also enjoy just walking around and poking around the shops. I have to admit that I even enjoy walking around Alaskaland. Oh wait, I meant Pioneer Park. Eventually, I ended up walking about 8 1/2 miles this afternoon so it was a good day. I still haven't tried jogging outside primarily because the sidewalks are so hard. Every step seems jarring compared to running on the treadmill. Maybe I just need to work on smoothness or something like that. How do people run on the sidewalks, roads and paved paths? Just from my walk this afternoon, my legs and feet are sore. The same distance on the treadmill doesn't seem to effect me at all.

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