Monday, February 4, 2008

Global Warming!?

I felt motivated enough to walk down to lower campus this afternoon. This is in spite of the -41°F temperatures this morning. At least the air smelled a whole lot better than it currently does in the building. It was nice and sunny and fairly quiet on the walk down though it got crowded on the return trip. The cool picture was sent out by Kate Wattum this morning showing the wonderful weather here in Fairbanks. On the way in, the thermometer in the truck stopped registering at -40F. Maybe that is trying to tell us something. But at least it isn't windy.

I stopped at the UA Tech center to see if they had anything new. No Macbook Air on display and they figured that there wasn't much of a market due to the lack of an optical spindle. I mentioned that I used my optical drive less than once per month and even then, if there was a process to use the optical drive in another machine, that would work fine for me. To me, the biggest shortcomingvwas the inability to span your desktop to another display. In other words, they used the video card from the Macbook instead of the Macbook Pro. I'm feeling a bit nauseous now probably due to a poor lunch choice. Taco Bell in Wood Center was cheaper than a salad and now, I'm paying for it.

I ran some on the treadmill averaging about 4.8 mph. I still don't feel as good running as I did last month. I guess the trips really have a negative impact. The medication is making its presence known this evening but at least I got some exercise in before dinner. This prescription is probably sufficient to make one not want to eat again. It is called Byetta and it has only been approved by the FDA since 2005. It works great but some of the side effects are kind of rough. I guess I should stop whining.

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