Monday, August 22, 2022

Whitney, TX - TT

Sunday - I finished up the radiator fan installation today and roughly adjusted the thermostat. After the neighbors left, so as not to disturb others, I ran the engine at a high idle until the first thermostat opened at around 185°F. I turned the fan thermostat down until the fan started running, then turned the screw up around 10°. There is only about 250° of rotation available for the circuit board-mounted rheostat so it really isn't much more than a guess. The real test will come in a couple of days when I start heading west.

I had lunch today with Mel & Nette at a small Mexican restaurant here in Whitney. The food was pretty good and they had a good variety. The Sunday special was the Arriero Dinner, something that I had never heard of before. Two fried flour tortillas with fajita meat sandwiched between and covered with sauce and a bit of cheese. It could've been spicier but, overall, pretty tasty.

Monday - The rain started late last night and is forecast to be coming and going all day. Flash flood warnings have been on the TV all day. I was originally planning to leave tomorrow (Tuesday) but decided to postpone one day to give things time to dry out. 

The rain does mean that the weather forecast is for much cooler temperatures. The high today is supposed to be only 81°F. 


  1. The rain was so needed and the lower temps sure do feel good to us Texans!

    1. Yes, really needed but why did it have to come all at once!