Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Road Trip Day 3 - Amarillo to Lake Hills

Tuesday - I left the hotel in Amarillo a little after 6am Google Maps said it was an 8-hour drive. Right around 500 miles for today. I forgot to mention numerous storms with heavy rainfall yesterday and one more today. Enough rainfall that water was pooling on the Interstate. 

I arrived back at the cabin and started sorting through all the stuff getting ready to check out of the cabin tomorrow. I have a room reserved on AirBnB for the next week.

Wednesday - I checked out right at 11am as the check-in time at the AirBnB isn’t until 3pm. I stopped at the Caterpillar shop to talk with the service writer and to drop off a bunch of extra things that aren’t needed for the next week. 

They had some old equipment on display so I spent a bit of time walking around after finding a shady spot to park the Jeep. 

I checked into the AirBnB and it's a clean, quiet room around a mile and a half from the Cat shop. Pretty convenient. The provided WiFi is pretty decent so maybe I can finally back up my laptop to the cloud. It's been about a month since the last backup.

Just a shot of the room. I'm here for a week. The shop thinks that it should be ready by the middle of next week which works out around right.

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