Saturday, August 13, 2022

San Antonio, TX - AirBnB

Thursday - I participated in three test sessions and led one where a dad and two daughters took their tests sequentially. They all passed but it was a long session. The desk is also the nightstand so things are all over. Including the AT&T router (which I'm only using for the DMR hotspot). The house has pretty fast WiFi so I've been using that for the test Zoom sessions. 

Friday - Yesterday evening, San Antonio finally got some rain. It was pretty heavy for about an hour with lots of water flowing down the street. Almost curb height. It didn't last very long but it did make for some lower temperature but much higher humidity. 

This morning, I picked up some more groceries at HEB which is only a couple of miles away. Walmart is closer but it's on the other side of the highway with a lot of construction in the area. I finally have to start cooking again. I cleaned out the freezer of the cabin and made a meatloaf which has been my dinner for days. 

Saturday - Participated in the early, east coast test session. It's always disappointing when someone doesn't pass but hopefully, they'll be back to try again. By the afternoon, it's is pretty hot. 

I have some chicken cooking in the sous vide. Enough for a couple of meals though I'm not quite sure what to make yet. I also have some beef for beef and broccoli. Maybe I'll make that this afternoon after the next test session.

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