Saturday, August 6, 2022

Lakehills, TX - TT

Thursday - this morning, I went back to the SKP park in Hondo to see how well the biodegradable oil cleaner worked on the concrete pad. I’d say that it did a decent enough job. These stains here are from oil dripping off of the front of the Jeep. 

After getting back to the RV park cabin from Hondo, the service writer from Holt Cat called and said that the steps on the RV weren’t retracting so they couldn't drive it. So, I headed to the Cat shop an hour across town. It turned out to be something simple. The mechanic had turned off the chassis power and that is what the steps use to extend and retract. If they had started the engine, they would've noticed that the steps work. 

As far as an update, they found a leaking connection providing engine oil, under pressure, to the air compressor and the power steering pump. The power steering pump actually pumps hydraulic fluid (ATF) but the pump mechanical parts use engine oil for lubrication as does the air compressor. The next step is to drive the RV with a catch bottle on the blowby tube to see how much blowby there is. Also on the list is to check to see if the radiator fins are clogged and dirty from oil being sucked in, and why the front computer is reading low turbo boost and generating a stop engine/check engine light under full throttle.

I got back to the cabin in time for the afternoon test session. BTW, filled up the Jeep in Hondo for $3.39/gal. 

Friday - The campground emptied out a bit more and it seems like the AT&T cellular is a little bit faster. Especially the upload which appears to be essential for others to understand when using Zoom. I walked to the office this morning (1¼ miles each way) as I really need to get more exercise in spite of the heat. It was 80°F while walking and the breeze made it feel reasonable. I'm just waiting for the early test session to start right now.

We tested a 12year old and he passed! It's always nice to see younger people getting involved in this hobby.

And, the pool is finally open at the TT campground! It was nice...

Saturday - The forecasted high for today is only 91°F! Quite a bit nicer than the triple digits we've been seeing for the last couple of weeks. I lead an early morning test session, which they have every Saturday for those on the eastern side of the country. The candidate was in CDT and easily passed. He was well prepared.

We are starting to get things packed up to leave the cabin. The checkout isn't until Wednesday morning, but we are driving to Albuquerque tomorrow for Bridget's flight on Monday. I'll be back here on Tuesday to finish packing things up. I will be moving to an AirB&B on the other side of San Antonio for at least a week. Kind of depends on how much blowby there is. It lfeels like it's time to head back to the pool!


  1. I wonder when we'll see sub $3.80 pricing for gasoline here in the stoner state.