Sunday, August 7, 2022

Road Trip Day 1 - Roswell, NM

Sunday - A 500+ mile driving day from Medina Lake TT to Roswell, NM. The first leg of our trip to the Albuquerque airport where Bridget is flying out tomorrow. It's been partially cloudy so the temperature hasn't been too bad. The Google Map screen capture was at our first stop. 

We arrived around 4 pm thanks to the time zone change. We walked a bit downtown before heading for dinner. There are several alien museums and gift shops just in the one-block area. 

Pretty touristy place. Somehow, we've managed to miss this town whenever we went through New Mexico. 

Really fast WiFi at the pet-friendly hotel. Almost 270Mbps down and 150Mbps up. Not too shabby. 

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  1. I only know the town Roswell from SF movies or the X-Files. Didn't know it was real...