Thursday, August 25, 2022

Deming, NM - HH

Thursday - Today was a 400 mile travel day which included going through El Paso. Lots of construction, narrow lanes, no shoulders, lots of traffic. Plus, it was bumper to bumper leaving Midland this morning. Not rush hour but a semi truck accident sometime last night. The 20amp fuse I added to the fan circuit blew sometime this morning. I guess I needed a 30 amp mini blade fuse which are green. I went to Auto Zone after arriving at the HH as it was just a few miles up the street in town, and picked one up. The fan control module came with a fuse installed on the ground wire. I added one to the positive wire where I attached it to the positive terminal for the grid heater in case there is a short between the terminal and the fan. There’s about 9’ of 10AWG wire between those two points. 

On todays drive there were some grades and I could tell when the electric fan had stopped working from the water temperature. We’ll see how it does tomorrow. I still have it set to low speed.

Tonight, I’m lot docking at a winery in Deming, NM, which is a Harvest Host. We’ve stayed here at least three times before so it’s familiar. I knew that there was plenty of space. With the nice breeze, I don’t even need to run the A/C and generator. 

Diesel has been getting more expensive as I head west. Today’s fillup was in Van Horn, TX.


  1. You have been eating up quite the distance in the past days. Doesn't the fuel cost have a big impact on your travels? Prices are getting crazy over here. We try to avoid using motorised vehicles where we can.

    1. We haven’t traveled much for most of the winter. Yes, fuel costs are somewhat higher but it just means we stay longer at each location. From the Lake Whitney to my next stop in AZ, it’s about 870 miles with a fuel cost of around $550. For the most part, it’s our only travel cost. It’ll slow our travel but probably won’t stop it. The original plan was to go to Washington this summer. That would’ve used quite a bit more fuel.