Wednesday, August 17, 2022

San Antonio, TX - Airbnb

Sunday - I made a quick trip to REI to pick up a box of Aeropress coffee filters. A package lasts almost a year and I should've picked them up when we were at REI over a month ago. Anyway, it was something to do. Afterward, I walked down to the 2M Smokehouse to pick up some Texas BBQ. The line went out the door and down the sidewalk. And this was 40 min after they opened. 

After around 20min in line, a storm came through and poured, making me question my walking choice. Fortunately, I was inside the door by the time the rain started, still in line but undercover. By the time I got to the front of the line, they were already sold out of a few items including the chicharrones mac and cheese, which sounded interesting. I picked up brisket, beef sausage, and pinto beans. The total wait time was an hour. I had some for lunch after getting back to the Airbnb and it was all delicious and worth the wait. I have enough leftovers for several more meals.

Monday - We are getting a bit of rain again. I hear that precipitation in this part of TX is less than half of normal. And “normal” really isn’t that much rain, to begin with. The news report said only 5+” so far this year compared to 12+”. It’s pretty dry. 

The Caterpillar shop is installing the hydraulic fan motor today so there is hope that I might be able to pick it up on Wednesday, the day I need to leave the Airbnb.

Tuesday - I still haven't gotten an update from the shop so I made a one-night reservation at a motel a short distance away from here. Their cancelation policy is no-charge until 6pm tonight so if I do hear something, I can cancel if needed.

Later - The boost level from the turbo is 33 psi which is good. But the shop is looking into why it's throwing a code. I guess I'll be moving to the motel tomorrow. Unfortunately, the check-in time isn't until 4pm. Kind of a pain...

Wednesday - I left the AirBnB this morning and stopped at the Cat shop. The computer was still connected to the engine but the service writer thought they may be done this afternoon. I went to the hotel and they let me check in three hours early. Cheap hotel, but it has a good A/C and the TV has the DABL channel, which has turned into a favorite. No WiFi.

Around 2:30, the shop called and declared the engine fixed. I headed over and needed to be on the phone with the credit union when the debit card was run. I then started up the refrigerator on propane (took quite a while as the lines needed to be purged) and got the tow bar reinstalled. I’ll need to wash it as it’s still kind of oily but the washroom at the shop had gallon bottles of hand cleaner. I also started the inverter and I should’ve brought the AT&T hotspot to get things back online. 

I’ll pick the RV up tomorrow morning and plan to head north to Lake Whitney TT for several days. It’ll feel kind of nice to be back in the RV again after 30 days. The TT cabin was fine and the AirBnB was nice but it’ll be good to be back in our home on wheels. Across the street from the motel at the Petro truck stop, is the Iron Skillet restaurant. American comfort food.

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  1. I was so happy to read that you are back in the RV. I hope all is well and you are settling back in okay.