Monday, August 29, 2022

Benson, AZ - TT

Saturday - I got an early start this morning since I wanted to change the wiring on the fan to high speed. Yesterday, there is a long grade coming into Benson from Wilcox. The temperature did keep rising and topped out at 222°F but I never had to back off the throttle. The ambient temperature was pretty hot in the high 80s (°F). Leaving Benson towards Tucson, the grade continues so it'll be a good test for the fan on high speed. That will be on Thursday.

After the morning test session, I went for a walk and covered a couple of miles before it started feeling a bit too hot. After my walk, I cooled off in the pool. Definitely a nice perk of this RV park. Doing a load of laundry and preparing beef and tomatoes for dinner. The beef has been in the freezer since San Antonio and the tomatoes needed to be used. It came out pretty good, especially with the addition of Koren chili sauce.

Sunday - Today started out as a nice, relaxing day. I got an early start on washing the Jeep. It's been about 6 weeks and over 1000 miles behind the RV. The RV park charges $10 for the extra water so I'm going to make sure everything on the Jeep gets thoroughly washed. When I was almost done, I noticed that the driver's front tire looked a little low. I started the Jeep and the TPMS reported 25psi. So I got to dig out the jack and lug wrenches to switch out to the full-size spare.

It looks like I picked up a roofing nail somewhere and based on the wear on the nail head, pretty recently. I guess tomorrow's project is to look for a tire shop to repair. Or, I could pick up a plug kit since this is a pretty straightforward repair. Nail punctures in the tread are the easiest. This highlights the need to try and find the TPMS sensors I bought last summer. I haven't been able to find them but I'm pretty sure I brought them down with me last Fall.

So, off to the pool to cool off after working this morning. And time to finally make some coffee.

Monday - I was up at 4am today just on the chance that the Artemis 1 actually launched (it was scrubbed). The next attempt is on Friday. Since I was up early, I went ahead and headed for Discount Tire in Tucson. They repaired the tire for free using both a plug and a patch inside the tire. Then they rebalanced the tire. And, it was free! A way of generating goodwill. I will definitely remember Discount Tire.

I stopped for groceries in Benson on the way back then started to get ready for the afternoon test session. Since no one signed up to lead, I went ahead as I seem to have enough bandwidth.


  1. Clever marketing on the part of Discount Tire, I had always thought they did that repairing for customers who'd bought tires from them, not everyone, so that's good to know.

    1. It is a very good marketing move. I'll probably remember this anytime I'm looking for tires.