Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Last Day at Lake Whitney - TT

Tuesday - Today was originally planned to be a travel day but the weather prompted me to postpone leaving for a day. It was relatively cool this morning so I went on a walk. Something that I really need to do more of. My goal was 5K and I ended up a couple of tenths short. There are no test candidates today so maybe it's time to head for the pool!

This time I drove to the upper pool next to the office. It was deserted and about 10°F cooler! So it would be much more refreshing on a hot day. It started raining after about 20 minutes so I headed back to the RV. I could hear thunder rumbling so I needed to get out of the pool. 

It rained for about an hour. Not heavy like yesterday. I went ahead and dumped the tanks and filled the fresh tank about ⅔ full (~48% on the SeeLevel gauge) as I will be dry camping for the next couple of days. I went ahead and put the slides in and moved the RV about 15’ forward so I could hook the Jeep up. The roads are really narrow and it takes longer to hook it up with just one person. 

It turned out that three test candidates jumped in for the afternoon session. I offered to lead one and will simply connect the audio with my phone. 

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