Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Midland, TX - HH

Wednesday - A 358 mile travel day today with a stop in Stephenville for fuel and a rest area west of Abilene for lunch. My destination was the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum, a Harvest Host location. The first picture is at the rest area showing the weather for the day. Some showers and some sun but mostly scattered clouds. 

The museum was very well done with lots of interactive displays and good information. The focus was on the history of oil exploration in this area and how it transformed Midland. I had worked in this area back in the late 70s as it was one of our field sites. 

There was also a section of the museum dedicated to Jim Hall’s Chaparral race cars which was based out of Midland, TX. I remember this car when it was blowing the doors off of everything else so they banned it from racing. It had fans which created a low pressure space under the car so it cornered really well. 

My parking spot is right by this derick and it is close to level. I’ll probably just put out one bedroom slide and I’m running the generator now to cool things off. 

The plan is to try and leave by 8:30 as it’s a 400 mile travel day and the route goes through El Paso. (Lots of traffic!)


  1. Cool pictures, especially Jim Hall's car.

    1. I remember when it was winning. Apparently, I innovation isn’t encouraged…