Thursday, July 28, 2022

San Antonio, TX

Thursday - Today’s touristy venture was to the Pearl District along the River Walk in San Antonio. It is named after the Pearl Brewery with some beautiful old buildings.  We stopped at Hotel Emma, which used to be the brewery. Mostly upscale restaurants in this area. I had lunch at a Mexican food place in the food court and it was kinda price but pretty tasty. 

We walked through the area, stopping at a bakery for dessert. Chocolate-peanut cookie. The picture on the right is inside of the hotel lobby. Lots of cool equipment. The Pearl District is on the northern end of the San Antonio River Walk. The next picture is taken from the bridge from the parking lot to the Hotel Emma. 

We then headed back to Medina Lake. This morning, on our way into town, we stopped in Hondo at the SKP park so I could see how well the oil spot remediation was going. Most of the spots are disappearing so I added some more to the remaining. You can really see the difference.

After getting back, I saw a message on Discord that VEs were needed for the afternoon session. I had time so I jumped into the Zoom session. 

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