Sunday, July 3, 2022

Hondo, TX - SKP

Sunday - A longish, hot drive today. Around 330 miles or so with temperatures up into the mid-90s. The engine water temperature got up to 217°F but, fortunately, there were no long grades. We did go through oil and the front of the Jeep is a mess. But water restrictions are in effect here so no vehicle washing allowed. Though I will probably wash the windows tomorrow morning. 

We are staying at an Escapee Co-Op on a friend’s site. The sites are all pretty large and theirs has a nice concrete pad and a good sized building. The tree should provide some nice, morning shade. We are on the waiting list to pick up a lot at this park. It’s pretty rural so very quiet. 

The nearby town of Hondo is about 4 miles away and has what you need. We joined the waiting list in December after friends, Richard and Hope, picked up their lot. We figured that we should at least see the place before making any kind of financial commitment. 

Bridget just tested positive for Covid…

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