Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Lakehills, TX - TT

Monday - Yesterday evening, we visited with some friends who just arrived at the campground. Their YouTube channel is MelNetteLivingFreeZipCodeLess. The last time we met them was in here at Medina Lake over a year ago. Since then, they switched RVs from a diesel pusher to an older Prevost bus made by Marathon. It looks fabulous inside and out and could last a lifetime. Full SS frame and outside skin like a tour bus. The engine is a V8 two-cycle Detroit Diesel with both a supercharger and a turbo. It has been stored indoors since it was built. Surprisingly, the first two owners were in Alaska.

They are here to support a friend who is a finalist in a music competition where a grand prize is a recording contract. We are going to the final five concerts in San Antonio this weekend. 

We went back to the western edge of San Antonio to do a little more shopping. I had a glasses prescription but it turned out to be expired. I sent a message to West Valley Vision asking for an electronic copy. We’ll see what happens. 

I was planning to use the sous vide but there isn’t a suitable container in the cabin. Containers and large pots are not supplied. I’ll try Dollar General tomorrow to see if they have anything that’ll work. 

Tuesday - I didn’t bring the sous vide container as I had assumed that the cabin would have something that would work. Bad assumption. I picked up a nice container at the hardware store that would work great and we could use for food storage in the RV. 

Wednesday - I have a turkey breast cooking in the sous vide since yesterday evening. It should be ready this afternoon. I didn’t have all of the seasonings that I normally use so I’m hoping it comes out alright. We have apparently come far enough out of the south to once again find whole berry cranberry sauce. The whole time we were in Tennessee, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Florida, all the stores seemed to carry was jellied cranberry sauce. You know, the stuff in a can that just gets sliced and served. With the impression of the can still showing. Not my idea of cranberry sauce. I still haven’t found frozen cranberries yet. Maybe that’s a west coast (and I’ll assume Northeast) thing. 

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