Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Fredericksburg, TX

 - Fredericksburg was started as a German immigrant settlement back in 1846. The promise to the immigrants was for a plot of land, a house, and a line of credit for supplies. The Mexican American war interfered with the plan as well as poor planning by the organizers.

Lots of German restaurants and gift shops line the streets now. A notice at the museum mentioned that all fire department business was to be conducted in German. So that is what was taught at the schools back in the day.

There was a nice collection of buildings and displays here at the museum including cabins with dovetail joints on the corners. 

This music box with replaceable discs struck me as pretty interesting. 

After the museum, we wandered through just a small fraction of the downtown shops. Lots of peach stuff such as preserves, salsa, and syrup but no fresh peaches. 

At least the hotel has a pool. With the hot temperatures in TX, it’s nice to be able to cool off. 

And, fast free WiFi!


  1. I like that heritage is kept alive. There are a lot of stories as to why Germans left their country back then. Many people especially from the Black Forest and the Palatinate area ventured out for a better life abroad.

    1. The museum had a lot of history including how the original land they were promised was still occupied by the Comanche. And the promised supplies and support was not there. An employee of the developer took it upon himself to find the alternative land and purchase it with the developers money.

    2. Fun and interesting to see the old equipment and such. I knew someone who had an antique music box. Very pretty to hear.

    3. They had a bunch of really cool equipment and most of it was not behind glass or even a rope!