Saturday, July 23, 2022

Lakehills, TX - TT

Thursday - Medina Lake is empty. This is the view from the old shoreline campsites. The last time we were here, there was still water. The lake is maintained by the Corp of Engineers but the original dam was built by the ranchers and farmers around what became the lake back in 1913. It was originally needed for irrigation. 

Oh, they fixed the satellite TV. We now have Dish Network. Well, that’ll probably save some of our AT&T allotment. 

 - We stopped by the Caterpillar shop to pick up a few more things from the RV. We then progressed to REI, Hobby Lobby, Dollar General, Kohls, Ihop for lunch, and ended at the best H-E-B we’ve seen. There are a lot of freeways in San Antonio. It’s a pretty populated town at #7 in the U.S. which is larger than I thought.

Once I realized that before I must repack the Jeep, several large items will be headed to Fairbanks with Bridget. Including the dog and cat with their kennels. 

These two equipment displays flank the entrance to the Cat facility. 

Saturday - This morning, I went back to the site we stayed at in Hondo, TX, at the SKP Co-Op. The RV dripped oil as we backed into the site so I picked up some biodegradable, oil-eating bacteria. This powder is sprinkled on the oil stains, spread around with a broom, and mist it with some water from a spray bottle to get the bacteria started. Supposedly, the only by-products are oxygen and carbon dioxide. It takes a week or so to work so I plan to drive back next week to see how it's doing and maybe do another application.

After getting back to the cabin, I joined a test session and ended up leading the session. The candidate was a professional photographer (phenomenal images) getting his general.