Monday, July 11, 2022

Hondo, TX - SKP

Saturday - I participated in the early morning test session. Just one person had signed up and he was done pretty fast. Definitely prepared. Looking at the weather forecast, I’m not really looking forward to the next couple of days. I was originally thinking of defrosting the freezer tomorrow but maybe I’ll give it a few more days. 

One more person tested during the late afternoon session. Since I’m still quarantined, these test sessions are a welcome diversion. 

Sunday - I ended up defrosting the freezer. It had a large buildup of ice on the bottom which blocked the drain. And, there was a lot of ice above the ice maker. We switched to ice cube trays as I suspect that the frost and ice has been coming from using the ice maker. The whole task only took about 1½ hours. Seems to be a lot faster than other times. It sure is nice to have the 12V compressor freezer to offload the contents of our freezer into. It’s keeping things at a nice 3°F.

Later - The refrigerator is back on getting the freezer cold again. During that time, the refrigerator warmed up to 40°F from 35°F. It’s working good considering the ambient temperature of 105°!

No other pictures. It was just too hot to do much outside. Plus, I’m supposed to be quarantined through Tuesday.

Monday - Today is the last day for the anti-viral meds. Tomorrow, I’ll use a home test to verify that I’m negative. According to the CDC site, I need to wear a mask when venturing out for 5 days after that. Not that the weather is very conducive to much venturing.

I let the freezer cool down all night before filling it back up from the portable fridge/freezer. The portable unit was colder at -1°F but less convenient after I move it back to the basement storage. 

I joined the early test session and bandwidth seemed adequate. 

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