Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Hondo, TX - SKP

Monday - Happy Independence Day! 

Last night at the ER, we were given a couple of scripts for some anti-viral medication, a couple as the ER doctor said that I’d probably be showing up later in the week anyway. So far, no symptoms (that I know of).

It’s an overcast morning and only 77°F for an overnight low, so I finished getting set up. We may be here for a bit if I start showing symptoms. The friends who have this lot said that we could stay for up to a month according to the rules. I wouldn’t mind that. It’s pretty nice here and between the new A/C and the Reflectix, the RV temperature seems better than just tolerable. By the afternoon, the scattered clouds and light breeze made for nice walking weather.

The Walmart pharmacy in Hondo was open on this national holiday and Bridget was pretty happy about that. The ER doctor said the medication was most effective if started within 48 hours of initial symptoms. I also picked up some skewers for some cooking on the griddle this evening. 

It’s over 100°F outside and 75°F in the bedroom and 79°F in the living room. I’m not going to complain about that! These steak and vegetable skewers with a garlic-balsamic-oregano sauce, were pretty tasty. 

Tuesday - Another pleasant morning under partly cloudy skies. I need to run into town to get some wire to clean up the wiring on the rear A/C unit. I’m still feeling okay though the ER doctor said that I wouldn’t escape it since Bridget has it. While in town, I noticed the train station. 

I picked up about 10' of 16AWG wire at modestly sized Ace Hardware as they only carried bulk wire. The other hardware option was Tractor Supply and their electrical offering are usually kind of slim. I guess I could've tried Napa auto parts but didn't really feel like running around town. 

The 12VDC source was moved to behind the TV using the same feed as the microprocessor. The other wire is for the thermostat temporarily mounted to the wall. I guess that I could’ve removed the ceiling panel but that’s just asking for more problems. When the rear A/C gets replaced, this can all be removed as it’s only needed when running it as a standalone unit. But, so far, it’s running great for an 18 year old unit!


  1. Ach! Sorry you guys caught Covid. Yeah you probably will too. Ron and I had it in June. Not too sick, but for me fatigue has lingered. Hope it stays mild for you guys and recover quickly!

    1. Thank you. I hope the symptoms are mild too!