Sunday, July 24, 2022

Kerrville, TX

Sunday - We headed into Kerrville to meet one of Bridget’s friends at Cracker Barrel. It turns out that we had stopped at this Cracker Barrel with the motor home back in 2020 after our visit to Big Bend on our way to Medina Lake TT. It’s “Sunday morning” busy but it is very pleasant outside in their rocking chairs. It’s 82°F with a nice breeze. This is the first time we’ve had to wait at a Cracker Barrel but we generally avoid busy times like this. BTW, they already had Christmas stuff on display in addition to Fall decor and Halloween. 

After lunch, we stopped at a sculpture and prayer garden overlooking Kerrville. It was a quiet, peaceful stop up on a hilltop. 

Next stop, gas station. I’ve noticed that the price of gas and diesel have been dropping. Gas was $3.849/gal and we’ve seen it for $3.499 in San Antonio. I’m not sure if it’s just here in TX or gas prices are on their way down. 

Kerrville was around an hour away through really nice winding roads through what is known as Texas hill country. These roads cause me to miss having the Ural. 


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    1. Even diesel is less than that around here…

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    1. That’s less than what I’ve been hearing for places in Europe.

  3. Our local station is at 4.70/gal. Not bad for a rural station in Oregon