Thursday, July 14, 2022

Hondo, TX - SKP

Tuesday - Negative test result. According to the CDC guidelines, I can be out in public again but should wear a mask around others for the next five days. I had minimal symptoms. A slight headache, some coughing, and some congestion. I haven't experienced other symptoms that I've heard about. Such as fever or loss of taste. So I’d say that the experimental meds work great assuming you start taking them as soon as you feel any symptoms. 

I signed up for both test sessions today. Having this activity gives me something to do when I can't be outside.

Wednesday - I pulled out the back seat from the Jeep and put it into our basement storage. Now, there is plenty of storage space in the Jeep for stuff. Including the portable refrigerator, the cat and dog kennels, etc. as we will need to essentially move out of the RV while it's in the shop. This is one of the downsides of a drivable RV versus a towable. One of the current tasks is to use up as much frozen and refrigerated food as possible. Any left over food that doesn’t fit in the portable refrigerator will probably need to be tossed.

We usually just have the seat folded forward. This is the first time that I actually removed it. 

This reminded me that I needed a way to power the portable refrigerator while driving the Jeep. There is a 12VDC power port that is always on in the cargo area so I made added some Anderson PowerPole connectors to a 12VDC cord I had lying around. 

 - Another slow day today. Not much going on so I signed up for test sessions today. 

Rain this evening. It’s cooled down to 72°F at 8pm!


  1. A negative test result is good news. Glad to hear that your vaccinations seemed to have kept the virus in check.

    1. The ER doctor mentioned that the vaccines and boosters don’t seem to have much effect with the new variants. But definitely help with severity.

  2. All the best in keeping well Richard. Our family have all had it with mild symptoms but Jennie and I have avoided it so far. Due for our second booster this week.

    1. Thank you! I did get the second booster but it was just a week or so earlier. The ER doc said that it wouldn’t make a difference.