Sunday, July 31, 2022

Lakehills, TX - TT

Friday - Another hot day here in central Texas. We picked up a few groceries right after the first test session. The local grocery store is pretty limited, but we really don’t need much.   The picture of the Citroen was taken yesterday at the Pearl District outside of a restaurant. I always liked them. The very definition of quirky.

I got an update from the Cat shop and it sounds like they won't be able to get it into the shop early. It'll be the latter part of next week before they can start. The service writer also mentioned that he has the parts department trying to find a long block. I thought that this should be readily available but not these days. Not good news. He mentioned that until they get the engine apart, they really don't know what's needed. Until then, it's all just guessing.

Saturday - It was a pleasant 73°F this morning so I participated in the early morning (8 AM CDT) test session while sitting out on the front porch. Still a bit humid but overall, pretty nice. I'm sure that it'll be too hot by the next test session at noon local time.

There are a few more campers here as it's the weekend. Even a couple of the cabins around us are occupied. The pool still isn't open but there have been people working on it all last week. Hopefully, it'll open before we leave.

This afternoon, we are meeting with another acquaintance of Bridgets for an early dinner at Saltcreek Steakhouse, then going to a concert in San Antonio near the River Walk. The fried peppers and pickles were the best I’ve ever had. The Nashville chicken sandwich was okay. Not as spicy (or delicious) as the Nashville chicken I had picked up at Publix in Florida. 

After dinner, we went to a music competition at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts. Pretty impressive theater. 

 - A nice, quiet day after a late evening yesterday. There was a special test session for a class where we tested ten people right after they completed the class for the tech license. All those who tested (so far) passed. It's a bit different than the norm since the lead doesn't have the opportunity to contact the candidate ahead of time.

The picture is from yesterday's dinner. The Nashville chicken sandwich with coleslaw. 


  1. Fingers crossed that elusive Long Block is found!

    1. Or whatever they can do… I like the long block option.