Friday, June 3, 2022

Travel Day From FL to SC - TT

Thursday - Today was a long travel day. Especially since we’ve been pretty stationary for a while. We left Winter Garden around 9am and got stuck in traffic on I-75. There was a major accident and it was maybe 2-3mph for almost two hours. We arrived at The Oaks at Point South TT park around 5:15. It was hot so the generator had been running for most of the day and both roof A/C units were running full blast. The RV really doesn’t like hot weather. If the temperature gets above 90°F, the engine starts to run hot. Like between 199°F and 208°F. Especially in stop-and-go traffic. 

For the weekend, we are back in Point South, SC, and will be moving to a non-TT park in Pooler, GA, for a week. After we arrived, I headed for the pool to cool off as it was in the low 90s as I was setting up the RV. 

Friday - This morning, I kind of washed the Jeep. Just the windshield, hood, grill, and passenger window. It really gets grimy from being towed behind the RV. The RV park charges you for washing your rv or vehicle. All that extra water, I guess. I also partially deployed the awning. Partially as there is a tree in the way. This park has a lot of trees so the RV is pretty well shaded. The A/C units actually turn off during the day. And, the solar panel don’t get much direct, unshaded sun.

I believe the plan is to head into Hilton Head tomorrow morning. It’s about an hour away so the plan is to leave kind of early to try and beat the crowds. 

At about 5:30pm, a thunderstorm came through with a lot of rain, lightning, and thunder. The power kept going off and on so we turned off the A/C units. Almost everything else just switched to the inverter. 

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