Saturday, June 11, 2022

Still in GA

Friday - Another relaxing day at the RV park. We had dinner out last night at a Mexican restaurant in Pooler. The carnitas were terrific though the homemade guacamole needed help. We hadn’t been to a Mexican restaurant in a while.

After floating around the pool to cool off, I joined the early test session and later on, the late test session. By the late session, the bandwidth was getting a bit restricted as there was some audio packet loss.

Saturday - No one signed up for the early, Saturday test session so we headed to Pooler. Around noon, I got a message that someone signed up at the last minute for the normal, early session so I joined with just my phone. A lot more hassle than with the computer but it worked. I had contacted the candidate but when it came time to test, I handed it off to another lead-qualified VE. Trying to run Zoom, Discord, and a web browser at the same time on the phone would have been challenging and not necessarily fair to the candidate as there would have been pauses when I needed to switch applications. But, there was plenty of bandwidth! The Speed Test was done on my phone over WiFi...

After the test session (he easily passed!) I went to the community pool here in the subdivision. It was kinda crowded but there were thunderstorms on the horizon. We left after about 45 minutes and got rained on while walking back. 

Tomorrow, we head to North Carolina. I don’t expect it to be any cooler. In fact, it may be even warmer. 

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