Thursday, June 16, 2022

Lenoir, NC - TT

Tuesday - I’m glad that they did the installation yesterday as it was raining this morning. We left Mocksville around 9:30 and headed to Green Mountain Park, one of the TT  parks about a 1½ hours away. 

The site is angled so we can’t get leveled front to back. We are about 2½” low in the front. One of the disadvantages of a long RV. But, since we are only here for three nights, it doesn’t really matter that much. As long as the refrigerator works. The park has an unheated pool but the temperature felt nice with the mid-80°F afternoon high. 

We had just looked for a campground near Mocksville as we knew we would have the MagneShade installed sometime this week. Very little AT&T bandwidth here at the park. This first picture took about fifteen minutes to upload. The lakes have fish in them but it’s catch and release. And, no alligator warning signs. 

Wednesday - Not much going on today. Picked up some groceries in Lenoir which is about five miles away. I finally gave up and paid for 24 hours of Internet access for $8. It was getting frustrating waiting for everything to load. And, at 91°F outside in the afternoon, it's kind of too warm to do much walking around. 

I did sign up for the afternoon test session since I had enough bandwidth for Zoom. 

 - We had a few visitors this morning. I was checking the propane fittings again for leaks as the propane level seems to be dropping faster than it should. I can’t smell any propane and the soapy liquid doesn’t show any bubbles so maybe it’s related to ambient temperature. 

I signed up for the early test session but will probably use audio as a phone call. The video can tolerate buffering, audio is real-time, and has a very low tolerance to delays. SpeedTest say 3Mb/s up and down. 

I went to the pool this morning but it was understandably crowded as it was 90°F by noon. Anyway, I was there long enough to cool down.  

RV frustration today. The front A/C unit seems to stop cooling occasionally. If I shut it off and wait 5-10 minutes then it resumes operation. I looked into replacing the unit. The RV currently uses a Dometic CCC (Comfort Control Center) network between the front and rear A/C units and the thermostat. Plus, the A/C units control both furnaces. Dometic no longer makes CCC units and the newer CCC2 is not compatible. Replacing the front A/C unit would require replacing the rear A/C and the thermostat. 

On top of that, I’m concerned that the engine overheating will only get worse with the continued hot weather and some long grades coming up. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow when we leave here and head towards Nashville. 


  1. Definitely some steep grades up Monarch Pass in order to get to Gunnison and Crested Butte! Not sure the wild flowers would be worth overheating the engine on your Class A!

    1. I think we are going to cancel Colorado at this time. Overheating is stressful…