Friday, June 24, 2022

Eustace, TX - SP

Thursday - Another short travel day. Only 150 miles or about 3 hours including a fuel stop. I’ve noticed that diesel prices are dropping now that we are heading west. Hopefully, the trend continues. We didn’t need to fill up but with the elevated temperatures, we may need to run the generator more.

We are at Purtis Creek State Park and this is the first time we are staying at a Texas state park. The site has partial hookups, 30amp power and water, at the site. We can run one A/C unit plus some other stuff such as the refrigerator. It’s pretty hot here. The picture is the showing the temperature outside the RV. The smaller text is the inside temperature and humidity. The old A/C unit is only able to drop the temperature by a bit over 10°F. They should do a little better than that but that’s why we plan to replace them. 

Update - This was originally going to be a multi-day post since we were planning to be here for a week. But, due to the temperatures combined with the 30amp power (plus no sewer), we are moving to an RV park in Athens, TX. This is a really nice campground with huge sites but not at 100°F+ temperatures. 


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    1. Today wasn’t as hot. Definitely tolerable.

  2. Oh my, that sounds a bit too hot for my taste. Hope your next spot will have lower temps. This isn't normal any more, we got 36 - 40°C in Germany. Not funny if you're working.