Wednesday, June 22, 2022

New Boston, TX - BW

Wednesday - Something new for us today. We are staying in someone’s yard as part of Boondockers Welcome which is now part of Harvest Hosts. We arrived around 12:30 and were positioned under a large tree and near power and water. Given that it’s 95°F, being able to plug into 50amp shore power is a really nice benefit that most hosts don't offer.

They have room for 10 RVs here some with hook-ups and some dry camping. It depends on when you arrive and what you need/want. The 5th wheel behind us is their RV. Boondockers Welcome is a database, that you need to pay to join, of individuals who open up their property to RVers passing through with some allowing more extended stays than just overnight. Some, such as this one, have full hookups available usually for a fee.

We will be staying just one night and heading to a state park tomorrow near Athens, TX. I ordered two A/C units as well as a new compatible thermostat to be delivered in Athens to a good friend of ours. Hopefully, we can get them installed before we leave the area. BTW, This is the most level site we’ve had since Orlando TT. Most sites tilt one way or the other. The worst ones have the rear lower than the front.  Around mid-afternoon, a class B came in. 

Since there is time, I went ahead and joined the later test session. I think that there might be just enough bandwidth. About 12Mb/s down but only 800Kb/s up. Zoom seems to want about 1.2Mb/s both ways.


  1. My recollections of my years in FLA were of seemingly infinite stretches of flat your comment that their RV parking spots weren't level was surprising. Then again, at least in South Florida, the ground is basically coral rock after a few (if that) inches of dirt. So maybe leveling sites is more difficult or expensive.

    1. Most of the sites have some grade so they don’t turn into a lake. After some heavy storms came through, most of the streets had standing water. In one location, the lake overflowed onto the street and the level didn’t drop for days.