Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Pooler, GA

Sunday - Today was a short travel day. Just about 50 miles south back into Georgia. We are at a private RV park and the sites are pretty nice with a lot of trees and large-ish sites. Definitely larger sites than the last couple of parks.

I filled up the propane tank for the first time since the end of November. Seventeen gallons so we didn’t use much. Primarily the stove and occasionally the refrigerator and water heater. And now, the Blackstone griddle. 

The campground road ends in an inlet of the Ogeechee River and a boat ramp. This is the view from the end of the long boat dock. It’s needed to get you out past the river vegetation. 

Monday - It looks like it may be a wet week. Since we aren’t going anywhere with the rain today, I went ahead and signed up for the first test session which is around 1pm EDT. 

I messed around with the kitchen slide as the slide lock didn’t retract completely. I think it has to do with the control system as it shouldn’t power the hydraulic pump unless the lock is fully retracted. I think that if you take your finger off the “extend” switch before the lock is fully retracted, when repressing the switch, the hydraulic pump starts immediately to start moving the slide. The solution, for now, seems to be don’t confuse the control system. 

The rain and thunder started around noon and it has been raining for several hours. 

Tuesday - Today, we went to a water park in Statesboro, GA, called Splash in the Boro. I didn’t bring the phone since it is a water park and I’m not sold on the waterproof rating of a phone. It was scattered clouds all day so a nice day to be outside. The aerial photo was from a Google search. We don’t suddenly have a drone.

No significant rain in the forecast for today so we thought that we would take advantage of the nice weather. We got back to the RV around 3:30 and after all day outside, it felt almost cold with the A/C running.  I dug out the Blackstone for tonight’s dinner. Bacon cheeseburgers…


  1. Do you have an iphone? Mine is supposed to be waterproof (within reason), but I've never been brave enough to test it.

    Ugh! Just spent an hour trying to log into blogger/chrome/whatever. This is why I hardly do blogspot anymore. It feels like it just gets more difficult to use everytime I try to do anything. I no longer get notifications. Ok rant over. :)

    1. Yes, I have an iPhone 13 Mini. My last iPhone was a 10 and it got dunked. After drying it out and replacing the battery, it worked for quite a while except for face recognition.