Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Athens, TX

Sunday - At 2pm, the weather app says 98°F but it really doesn’t feel to bad sitting outside. After attending a local church service, we are at the Texan RV Park spending the afternoon with friends. 

The forecast for tomorrow morning looks kind of decent so I plan to work on the roof removing the SoftStartRV units I installed last October in Oklahoma. They have been working fine but it seems like a good opportunity to work on it. Fortunately, I still have the installation instructions so it should be simple to return them back to “stock”. I don’t plan to install them on the new A/C units right away. 

Monday - New plan. Since they are working fine, I will leave the SoftStarts alone until we remove the A/C units. 

Did a couple of test sessions today and lead the second session. There was actually enough AT&T bandwidth for the Zoom audio to work. Maybe because this place has emptied out after the weekend.

Tuesday - First thing this morning, I took the Jeep to the dealership here in Athens. We get three oil changes and tire rotations as part of the purchase. We have 8600 miles on it and the first oil change is due at 10k miles. Close enough. I had looked into it when we were in FL and GA but the available appointments were weeks out. That wasn’t the case here. I checked yesterday and appointments were available for today.  Since the tires do get some additional mileage due to it being towed, tire rotation seemed to be a good idea. I feel sorry for the tech assigned as the underside of the Jeep is really grimy from being towed behind the motor home. The did run it through their car wash when finished. 

I just ordered an electric radiator fan from Amazon. It is a high volume (2400 CFM). I am planning on mounting it to blow through the whole cooling stack comprised of the radiator, intercooler, and A/C condenser. It draws 23.5 amps on high and I just checked my box-of-stuff, and I have several relays rated at 30amps@12VDC. So I'm in pretty good shape. I wasn't going to bother with a thermostat at this time and simply wire two switches to control the relay. It's supposed to be here on Friday. (Amazon said Thursday when I clicked the "order" button)

Wednesday - It was a very pleasant 72°F this morning and I ended up enjoying my coffee outside for a change. I went ahead and put the folding table away since I'm not planning to do any of the test sessions outside. I believe the high for today is supposed to be around 93°F. I volunteered to lead in both test sessions. The cellular bandwidth is still decent.

We had dinner at the marina restaurant. Delicious food though the hard surfaces meant that it was loud inside. This restaurant was recommended by several locals including the service writer at the Jeep dealership.