Saturday, June 18, 2022

Tennessee - HH

Friday - Kind of a long driving day today. We are heading for a Harvest Host just east of Cookeville, TN. Right now, we are stopped at a truck stop while a storm blows through. 

The RV did overheat on two long grades today. Enough that the engine went into “Protect” mode where it cuts power by 50%. The first time, we were climbing a long grade and ended up driving on the shoulder at 15mph. While driving, the engine cooled enough to switch out of “Protect” mode and we sped up to 40mph. The shop near Chattanooga, TN, where we had the tie rod ends replaced, said that the hydraulic motor driving the cooling fan needed to be replaced but it wasn’t critical. I suspect that’s probably the culprit. 

We are staying in the overflow parking lot of the Delmonaco Winery. I went in for a tasting and came out with a bottle of their Sweet Whisper, a peach dessert wine. Plus, I had their pulled pork nachos for dinner. Delicious. 

We enjoy the Harvest Host stays when we are traveling between destinations. Especially, if we are traveling on a weekend. Our next destination is Hot Springs, AR. We have another Harvest Host stop tomorrow just east of Memphis. 

 - A 230 mile drive to Brownsville, TN, to our next Harvest Host stay at the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center.

Three museums in one building with free admission. This is a model of a cotton gin in the cotton museum. There was a nature museum and a music exhibit. 

Unexpected to me, there was a Tina Turner museum as she grew up 25 miles from this little town. The one-room schoolhouse from that town was going to be torn down and she donated the money to have it moved here to Brownsville next to the other museums. 

I just jumped onto the afternoon test session as this place has decent AT&T bandwidth. And, they were short a couple of VEs.


  1. You sure do cover some distance Richard! I was based in Memphis in 1996 at International Paper's Operations HQ. Happy memories of Tennessee.

    1. We haven’t covered much ground for quite a while until this past week. Memphis was smaller than I had expected.

  2. So is replacing the cooling fan motor a big job?

    1. Yes, kind of. It’s hard to get to, has hydraulic lines from an engine driven pump, and speed controlled by the engine computer.