Saturday, June 4, 2022

Hilton Head

Saturday - We went to Folly’s Field Beach on Hilton Head Island. It was about an hour's drive from the RV park and there was a surprising amount of traffic going in the opposite direction. We arrived at 9:30 and found a convenient enough parking spot near the boardwalk across the dunes and parking was a relatively reasonable $1/hr. The water temperature is about the same as the pool. 

The forecast is for more thunderstorms this afternoon so I don’t think that this isn’t going to be an all-day activity. 

Afternoon Update
 - No rain for several more hours so after adding a couple more  I stopped at Jamaica Joe’s for lunch. Having a chicken taco salad. The chicken seemed odd but it was decent. The temperature was a very moderate 81°F at 1pm with a light breeze. 

Storms were predicted for mid-afternoon so we headed back to the RV park around 2:30. It rained on the way back it had just started again. Thunderstorms are still predicted for later this evening. I believe a lot of this is being driven by the tropical storm that moved through southern Florida today. We leave this park tomorrow and head to a non-TT RV park south of Pooler, GA, for the next week.

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