Saturday, June 25, 2022

Athens, TX

Friday - We are now at Lake Athens Marina. There isn’t any shade but there is 50amp power and sewer. At the other campground, we were limited to only one A/C at a time, no washer/dryer, and running the microwave or induction cooktop would shut down the A/C. Compare 50amps@220VAC (11KW) versus 30amps@110VAC (3.3KW). That’s a big difference. 

Not a TT park but it was roughly the same price as the Texas state park. Especially when you add the Texas user fee of $5/person/day. If we were going to be in Texas for a while, we could’ve gotten an annual pass for, I think, $80/person. 

Today's project was putting up some Reflectix on some of the windows. The front-side windows are single pane so they were prime candidates. We also put it on the three large windows in the hallway. We rarely open those blinds and the windows can still be easily opened. We’ll see if it makes a difference. The door window is also single pane. Obviously, the Reflectix can’t be left on the windows while driving.

Saturday - The pano was taken from the clubhouse deck. Our RV is visible on the left so we have a calming view of the lake. It’s 8:45am and it’s already 82°F but there is a nice breeze right now.

We visited with Diary of a Family the last couple of evenings and it was nice to see them again. We last saw them at Natchez Trace back in November. Garrett will be doing the A/C replacement next Saturday. Hopefully, both units arrive here by then. For the installation, we will be moving to the Texan RV Park, the home of the NRVTA, the National RV Training Academy, where Garrett works. Easier access to stuff such as lifts and ladders.

We now have the Reflectix up on the planned windows. We left the small opening window on each side and all of the windows by the seating areas and the bedroom. At 3pm, it was 100°F outside and the air blowing out of the front A/C is 66°F. And, the living room area is 81°F. Quite a change from yesterday when the inside temperature was around 91°F! But, the afternoon still has a couple more hours around 100°F. There is some relief coming on Monday, according to the weather guessers.

A special treat for dinner last night was fresh corn on the cob that we received from our Boondockers Welcome hosts. I cooked them up on the Blackstone. Delicious. 


  1. I Wonder if putting a reflectix type material shield around the air conditioner you need on top of the roof would help things? For that matter, making as much of the roof reflective?

    1. Given that the roof is bright white already, probably not that much. I did notice that the ceiling temperature under the solar panels were a few degrees cooler. So shade helps.