Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last Day of the Workshop

The workshop finished today by noon and we got all of the equipment packed up and ready to ship out within an hour. There was even time for a de-brief meeting on what went well and what went poorly. There were meetings lasting from then until about 8:15 this evening. A long day. This is a snapshot taken during the workshop roughly showing the setup. We had 18 students and three instructors. A pretty good ratio. Plus we had a former instructor come by to help out and present some of the new material that he had added last fall.

This afternoon, after the workshop and before the evening meeting, I used the treadmill in the hotel fitness room again. It was really raining hard this afternoon so I couldn't go outside even if I wanted to. I ran a bit but mostly walked about six miles. Since I ran yesterday, it seemed like a bad idea to run again today. I did just enough to get my heart rate up. The weather was still unseasonably cool again today though I haven't heard of any records being set.

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